The Delaware Rifle & Pistol Club is a private members-only nonprofit organization which exists to:

  • Protect and promote the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.
  • Encourage organized rifle and pistol shooting by United States citizens and legal residents.
  • Increase knowledge of the lawful and safe handling and proper care of firearms.
  • Promote the proper use of firearms in marksmanship programs, hunting, and self-defense.

The Delaware Rifle and Pistol Club does not rent the range or firearms to the public.


This is an excellent video on Doe vs WHA that The NRA, DSSA, and others supported. It really puts into perspective the need for the NRA, ILA and  what can be accomplished when we have local leadership like Josephine Bird.


2014/15 Delaware Hunting and Trapping Guide

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All DRPC events are open to the public. Use the form in the Contact Tab above for more info.  (also see event calendar below)

2014 Annual Calendar of Events 


2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot   Saturday, December 27, 2014 8:30AM. – 4:00PM.

 2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot Flier

                                2014 Annual Clay Bird Shoot

                         2012+Clay+Bird+Shoot            2012+Clay+Bird+Shoot            

                         ** 2014 Annual Clay Bird Shoot Videos ** 

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                   2014 Annual Clay Bird Shoot 1      2014 Annual Clay Bird Shoot 4

                   2014 Annual Clay Bird Shoot 2      2014 Annual Clay Bird Shoot 5   

                   2014 Annual Clay Bird Shoot 3      2014 Annual Clay Bird Shoot 6


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Latest News

California: Thank You from the NRA Here is what your Contributions Made Possible in 2014
As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the NRA would like to thank its members and donors for their valuable contributions this year.  Without your continued support, the NRA would not be able to do what they do in the fight for your Second Amendment rights.  The NRA, its lobbyists, and its lawyers  have been heavily involved in a number of important legal and legislative battles, both in California and across the country, that are aimed at protecting, restoring, and expanding the gun rights of Californians.  Here is a summary of some of the more significant efforts your contributions made possible in 2014. The NRA graciously thanks you for your support!  If you would still like to contribute to these efforts, you can donate to the NRA Legal Action Project today!
California Attorney General Seeks En Banc Review of Ninth Circuit’s Denial of her Request to Intervene in Peruta Case
Today, November 26, California Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris filed a request for en banc review of the Ninth Circuit’s denial of her request to intervene in the NRA supported case of Peruta v. San Diego, which produced a landmark decision striking down as a violation of the Second Amendment San Diego County Sheriff William Gore’s policy of refusing to issue licenses to carry firearms in public unless an applicant could demonstrate a special need for one.  The AG’s latest request comes after the Court denied the AG’s and several gun ban advocacy groups’ requests to join the case once they learned Sheriff Gore had decided not to further appeal the case.
D.C. inches closer to contempt ruling over concealed gun law
The D.C. Council plans, with a few modifications, to make permanent the same concealed carry regulations lawmakers passed on a temporary basis — despite the fact a federal judge is considering whether to hold the city in contempt over the law.