The Delaware Rifle & Pistol Club is a private members-only nonprofit organization which exists to:

  • Protect and promote the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.
  • Encourage organized rifle and pistol shooting by United States citizens and legal residents.
  • Increase knowledge of the lawful and safe handling and proper care of firearms.
  • Promote the proper use of firearms in marksmanship programs, hunting, and self-defense.

The Delaware Rifle and Pistol Club does not rent the range or firearms to the public.


2014/15 Delaware Hunting and Trapping Guide

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Upcoming Events:

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All DRPC events are open to the public. Use the form in the Contact Tab above for more info.  (also see event calendar below)

2015 Annual Calendar of Events 


2015 Annual GroundHog Shoot   Saturday, January 31st, 2015 9:00AM. – 3:00PM.

 2015 Annual GroundHog Shoot Flier

 2015 Annual GroundHog Shoot Rules and Procedures

 GroundHog Shoot Practice Target


No Events Scheduled  


 2015 Moving Target Combat Shoot I  Saturday, March 7, 2015 9:00AM. – 3:00PM.

 2015 Moving Target Shoot I Flier


                                              2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot

                        Preview Photo                         

                         ** 2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot Videos      

                   2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot 1      2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot 3

                   2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot 2      2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot 4

                                             2014 Annual Scrooge Shoot 5                   

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Latest News

Virginia: Numerous Pro- and Anti-Gun Bills Heard in Committees This Week
Yesterday, the Senate passed Senate Bill 1191 by a 28 to 11 vote.  Sponsored by Senator Tommy Norment (R-3), SB 1191 would amend the felony charge for having a firearm on school property to require that the person must have knowingly possessed the firearm. 
West Virginia: NRA Backed Legislation on the Move in Charleston
This week in Charleston has seen the passage of two NRA-backed bills out of their respective committees and the introduction of multiple bills that stand to benefit both gun owners and hunters alike in the Mountain State.
North Dakota: “Shall Sign” Legislation Passes Senate Unanimously, Will be Sent to House of Representatives
Wednesday, after an overwhelming show of support, the North Dakota Senate passed Senate Bill 2274 unanimously.  SB 2274 will likely be assigned to the House Judiciary Committee after crossover in early March.